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At Chambers Gasket, we are committed to the latest requirements of the OEM market with capabilities that include bar coding, Kan-ban, kitting, and related services, along with a wide range of gasketing options.

Our decades of experience have allowed us to expand and offer custom filtration gaskets. With an expertly trained team, we can fabricate filtration gaskets to any 2D shape. All products are cut using precision die cutting and water jet cutting, which reduces both tooling costs and turnaround time. Precision equipment allows us to create extremely thin filters that come in a variety of mesh formulations. Our gaskets can be made to virtually any specifications, and we utilize materials including polyester for its rigidity and toughness and nylon due to its high tensile and impact strength, as well as its resistance to abrasions. Coupled with an ISO 9001: 2008 certified facility, our filtration gaskets are ideal for components used in sound equipment and sound dampening.

To learn more about our custom filtration gasket capabilities, contact us or see the table below.

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Item #

Item Name


MC 22-1022 Sefar N/A
MC 18-0819 Sefar 03-390 N/A
MC 18-0834 Sefar 03-6/5 45 in
MC 18-0824 Sefar 07-11/5 40.00 in
MC 18-0829 Sefar 07-17 40.00 in
MC 18-0811 Sefar 07-230-53 53.00 in
MC 18-0830 Sefar 07-27 40.00 in
MC 18-0798 Sefar 07-30 45 in
MC 18-0836 Sefar 3-20/14 40.00 in
MC 18-0828 Sefar 7-21/12 40.00 in
MC 18-0840 Sefar Nytal PA 45 in
MC 18-0817 Sefar Polyester 7-44 40.00 in
  Results 1 - 12 of 12 1 
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