At Chambers Gasket, we have been a leading name throughout the industry as a premiere provider of gasketing and related services.

We fabricate a variety of die cut and water jet cut gaskets from vegetable fiber materials. Also known as Detroiter or plant fiber, vegetable fiber is ideal for sealing oil under low temperatures and low pressure. The material is protein-glycerine treated and works well for a wide range of sealing applications where temperatures can reach up to 250 °F. Our precision equipment can machine materials with thicknesses ranging from 0.006 in up to 0.125 in. These fibers are sourced from Fibreflex, the country’s top vegetable fiber manufacturer, and are chemically treated to resist tars, oils, water, grease, air, gasoline, and solvents. This makes our gaskets ideal for industrial, chemical, petroleum, and automotive applications.

To learn more about our ISO 9001: 2008 certified facility and our custom vegetable gaskets see the table below or contact us.
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Item Name

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MC 04-0177 N/A Detroiter N/A 0.006 in N/A 1/16 in N/A 36.00 in
MC 04-0175 N/A Detroiter N/A 0.010 in N/A N/A 36.00 in
MC 04-0174 N/A Detroiter N/A 0.016 in N/A 1/64 in N/A 36.00 in
MC 04-0173 N/A Detroiter N/A 0.021 in N/A 7/32 in N/A 36.00 in
MC 04-0172 N/A Detroiter N/A 0.031 in N/A 1/32 in N/A 36.00 in
MC 04-0171 N/A Detroiter N/A 0.045 in N/A 1/16 in N/A 36.00 in
MC 04-0170 N/A Detroiter N/A 0.062 in N/A 1/16 in N/A 36.00 in
MC 04-0183 N/A Detroiter N/A 0.093 in N/A 3/32 in N/A 36.00 in
MC 04-0169 N/A Detroiter N/A 0.125 in N/A 1/8 in N/A 36.00 in
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