At Chambers Gasket our continuing objective is to exceed customer's expectations by providing high performance electrical gaskets. We manufacture these custom gaskets by means of precision die and water jet cutting on a variety of in-demand materials. Glass Epoxy gaskets are continuous woven glass fabric impregnated with epoxy resin. These materials exhibit outstanding electrical characteristics and dimensional stability primarily because water absorption is virtually non-existent.

Our state of the art equipment can produce gaskets with thicknesses ranging from 0.010 in to 0.093 in. All materials are lightweight, easy to form and punch, and can be used for washers and spacers in addition to gasket applications.

To learn more about our custom electrical gaskets, see the table below or contact us.
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Item #

Item Name

(inches decimal)


MC 23-1030 N/A FR-5 Glass Reinforced Epoxy N/A 0.010 in N/A
MC 23-1034 N/A G-11 Glass Epoxy Resin N/A 0.093 in N/A 36.00 in
MC 23-1040 N/A G-11 Glass Epoxy Resin N/A 0.031 in N/A 36.00 in
MC 23-1037 N/A G-10 Glass Epoxy Resin N/A 0.062 in N/A 36.00 in
MC 23-1043 N/A G-10 FR-4 Glass Epoxy N/A 0.020 in N/A
MC 23-1045 N/A G-7 Silicone Resin Type GSG N/A 0.0075 in N/A 36.00 in
MC 23-1048 N/A Silver Nylon Coated Material with R2883 Tape adhesive Roplex Coated. N/A N/A
MC 23-1074 N/A 3M # 4229 12.000 in Wide N/A 0.030 in N/A 12 in
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