At Chambers Gasket, we have met the growing demands of global OEM markets with over 75 years of gasketing experience and continued leadership. Our organization offers a range of custom cork gaskets made by utilizing precision die cut and water jet cutting services. We offer a variety of pure cork and combination cork and rubber materials and can fabricate them to any 2D shape. Cork and cork hybrids are prized for their ability to decrease the amount of flow or creep that can occur in compounds made with rubber alone and create a better distribution of load under compression. Cork is also easy to machine, offers high chemical resistance, reduces levels of transmitted vibration, and features good recovery.

Our cork comes in blocks, and our precision equipment can produce gaskets from 1/32 in to 1 in thick, whether for a few gaskets or millions, all with an average lead time of 2 weeks. We will also work with customer-supplied manufacturing materials to produce any scientifically possible gasket. These qualities make our gaskets ideal for components used in the petrol and lubricating oil industries.

To learn more about our ISO 9001: 2008 certified facility and our custom cork gaskets see the table below or contact us.
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Item #

Item Name

(inches decimal)

(inches fraction)

MC 01-0003 N/A Cork N/A 0.093 in N/A 3/32 in
MC 02-0060 N/A Cork N/A 0.032 in N/A 1/32 in
MC 02-0061 N/A Cork N/A 0.062 in N/A 1/16 in
MC 02-0051 N/A Cork N/A 0.312 in N/A 1/32 in
MC 02-0062 N/A Cork N/A 0.375 in N/A 3/8 in
MC 02-0048 N/A Cork N/A 0.250 in N/A 1/4 in
MC 19-0878 N/A Cork N/A 0.093 in N/A 3/32 in
MC 19-0882 N/A Cork N/A 0.125 in N/A 1/8 in
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